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Why Babywearing Works, Part 1: Smarter Babies (New brain research puts the spotlight on baby carrying.)

Why Babywearing Works, Part 2: Healthier Babies (Discover how babywearing stimulates your child’s physical growth.)

Why Babywearing Works, Part 3: Stronger Attachment (Learn why your child needs to develop communication skills and a trusting bond with you first BEFORE true emotional stability and independence can occur.)

Why Babywearing Works, Part 4: Freedom for Parents (Get the skinny on how baby carriers can save you time, reduce stress, ease post-partum blues, and create a rock-solid bond between you and your baby.)

Why Babywearing Works, Part 5: A Special Sneak Peek Inside the Complete Thriving Babies Manual (See exactly what’s inside this 232-paged manual, first-hand!)

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